I say nothing controversial when I say that violence committed by people claiming to represent one religion or another is on the rise.
People claiming to represent the Jewish people commit violence regularly in the name of Jews. I’m looking at you Netanyahu. In Russia,  violence against gays has the approval and promotion of the Orthodox church. And we have the massacre of journalists in Paris this week accompanied by shouts of ‘The prophet is avenged.’

I’m saying nothing new either when I say that all people of faith must stand up and declare these actions anathema and that those who commit them do not represent the faith. This is especially true in the west.

Does your church claim the right to persecute its gay children? Speak out. Does your rabbi speak against Islam as if all Muslims are the same? Speak. What does your imam or priest utter ex cathedra that contravenes the basic tenets of your faith? Speak!

And, yes, it’s easy for the atheist to rattle on ad I do. I say now that when my fellow atheists  talk of ‘the faithful’ as if they are all one thing, I too will speak.

If we are not here to love, then why are we here?