Mary Robinette Kowal – The Relentless Moon (Lady Astronaut #3). Damn. This was good. Great ending. Lots of tension. Did not realise it was so long, but it’s totally unpadded.

Charlie Jane Anders – Victories Greater Than Death (reread). #2 in the series just came out so I wanted to reread. It holds up nicely. Great characters, properly terrifying bad guys. Looking forward to where the series goes next.

William Gibson – Agency (Jackpot #2). Damn. I wanted so much more out of this. The Peripheral was *so* good and this was just by the numbers. Some of the scenes were kind of neat, and the setup was cool, but the payoff was *meh*.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning – Sonnets from the Portuguese. Gorgeous love poetry, perfect for awake at midnight reading.