…that even after the system metes out something that gets called justice, they still have the short end of things. Kat Lister’s got a really good write-up on HuffPo about how male perpetrators of violence are remembered and their victims forgotten, or worse.

Her Name Was Reeva Steenkamp

The meat of the story isn’t so much that Simon Jenkins couldn’t be bothered to name Reeva Steenkamp in his Guardian defense of Oscar Pistorius’ very short jail sentence. It’s that in article after article, we read of how the perpetrators have their lives ruined. Lister cites another Guardian article, this one claiming rapist “Ched Evans will never really be free”. Evans’ 22 year old victim has had to move and change her name after her name was made public on the internet. Lister writes, “If we’re discussing freedom, one might consider lifelong anonymity and online abuse the real prison here. So why is her freedom less of a consideration than his?”

Damn good question.

We have a lot of work to do.