AEN_BRThere’s so much to write about David Cameron and the Duggars, and nasty trade deals, not to mention the 18-month countdown to the next US presidential election. But instead I’ve been rereading science fiction and am working up an essay on the theme of replication as addressed in Neuromancer, Blade Runner (William S. Burroughs’ P.K. Dick’s, and Ridley Scott’s) , Naked Lunch, The Matrix, and Andre Breton’s Nadja.

I hope I won’t be too long with it, though I’ve just found that Alan Nourse’s The Blade Runner (Burroughs’ source for his text Blade Runner: A Movie) is available for kindle. And now waiting on my iPad. To be fair, I’m less likely to reference that, because aside from the title, there’s no resemblance to Scott’s and P.K. Dick’s work. We’ll see.